What our clients think of the service they receive
“I think you are amazing at what you do, and we were spoiled to have you. You are a brilliant business-woman with an amazing heart, which is why you are growing despite a real estate crisis.” --Gerene, Former Tenant
“You, my dear woman, are about one of the most amazing and BY FAR one of the most accountable women I have ever known. You are a spot on, extremely organized business owner. Whatever the market I have no doubt you'll excel!!!”--Heather, Property Owner
“You are an absolute godsend. You have done so much for us for so long that we cannot be happier.” --Tom Carlson, Condo Owner
"It is all coming together so well thanks to your hard work and integrity. You have certainly done all you promised and in a timely manner, a tribute to your character. You are a blessing to work with."--Deborah, Future Tenant

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond for me. I think that is just how you are!”--Paula, Property Owner

“Thanks for everything Dezda – I so appreciate you!!!!!!!”--Mollie, Property Owner

“I sure am glad you're the manager. We're all pretty lucky!”--Lou, Long-Time Tenant


“Thank you for being so good to us! It did not take us long to discover the importance of having a good property manager, and you have certainly met and exceeded our expectations! Plus, you are just a really nice person, too.”--Al & Jacque, Property Owners

“We've had a great time living in this place, and we thank you for being a prompt, helpful, and always nice property manager.”--Dustin & Beckah, Tenants


 "THANK YOU for all your help and your timeliness. It is GREATLY appreciated. I know I have said so before but you are great at your job and your professionalism and excellent customer service is a breath of fresh air. I hope you hear this often because it is so true."--Susan, Property Owner

"I feel very fortunate to have you managing our property, you are a real keeper."--Shawna, Property Owner
"Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided us as a rental manager. You were fabulous and we would highly recommend you."--Chris and Becky, Property Owners


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